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because… we know every company, even whizzy, techy ones, are all about people.

We are earthware

We were formed out of frustration. We saw a way to build better digital solutions that solve real healthcare problems, in a more practical and down-to-earth way.

Fourteen years later, we’re in our wonderful, converted barn, with a group of amazing people, working with global pharmaceutical companies to solve real challenges. We love it.

Our goal is to make a difference in the world by solving problems for healthcare companies, supporting healthcare professionals and improving patients’ lives.

And we have a pretty good reputation for it too. We’re ranked as the #1 small agency in the T40 creative healthcare agencies and have an awards shelf that’s getting fuller every year.

Each year we use our intern programme to solve a problem for a healthcare charity for free. Most recently developing a secure, online care plan tool for suicide prevention charity PAPYRUS.

We also want to do our bit for the environment. We embrace working from home and remote meetings and we also offset our carbon footprint by supporting Ecologi who are supporting climate projects and planting our own earthware forest!

Abi Muddiman Headshot

Abi Muddiman

Junior Project Manager

because... I want to contribute to delivering exciting projects that make positive change and improve lives!

Adam Halesworth Headshot

Adam Halesworth

Mobile Lead

because... programming is in my DNA. I code because I can't stop coding. Seriously, please send help!

Adam Prentice Headshot

Adam Prentice

Lead Developer

because... I want to use my skills to better the lives of others as much as possible.

Andy Summerfield Headshot

Andy Summerfield

Senior Developer

because... I'm all about bringing a design to life with colour, animation and more!

Anthony Welch Headshot

Anthony Welch

Account Manager

because... I love working with clients to solve their problems, especially as the solutions can help make a difference to patients.

Beatriz Grilo Headshot

Beatriz Grilo

Graduate Project Manager

because... I love creating new ideas and using my skills to better the lives of others.

Brian Norman Headshot

Brian Norman

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

because... navigating the fast evolving world of technology is a daunting task, let alone working out how to leverage it to make a real difference in peoples lives.

Chris Finch Headshot

Chris Finch

Managing Director

because... having worked on both sides of the fence as both a client and for an agency, I can bring the strategic business thinking needed at the start of a project.

Dave Spencer Headshot

Dave Spencer

Senior Project Manager

because... I am passionate about delivering great things that have an impact and change lives.

David Bennett Headshot

David Bennett

Business Analyst

because... it's the little things - ask the right questions, listen and learn, see things from all sides - that lead to the right solution.

Eliana Reyes Headshot

Eliana Reyes

Account Manager

because... no project is ever the same. They are all about bringing exciting new ideas to life that make people's lives easier, and I love that!

Emilii Dove Headshot

Emilii Dove

Editorial Lead

because… science is exciting and it can be shaped into meaningful content with creativity and storytelling.

Emma Cribb Headshot

Emma Cribb

Project Manager & QA Lead

because... quality is never an accident.

Emma Green Headshot

Emma Green

Client Excellence Director

because... a commitment to excellence is at the heart of everything we do.

Flo Beaumont Headshot

Flo Beaumont

Senior Account Manager

because... I love seeing the project come to life and the client happy!

Iain Norman Headshot

Iain Norman

Lead Developer and UX Engineer

because... I bridge the gap between creative and logical, transforming clients needs into realisable products.

Jerone Sinclair Headshot

Jerone Sinclair

IT Support

because... I want to keep these superstars working as efficiently as possible!

Jo Rigg Headshot

Jo Rigg


because... I love using my skills to build things that make people’s lives easier.

Laura Downey Headshot

Laura Downey

Senior Project Manager

because... I love problem solving, organisation and planning a project through to final delivery, with whatever challenges are thrown in along the way!

Lauren Eden Headshot

Lauren Eden

Operational Excellence Director

because... someone needs to keep everything running smoothly!

Lee Wilkie Headshot

Lee Wilkie


because... I get to work on life-changing projects while learning and having fun along the way!

Louise Matthews Headshot

Louise Matthews

Head of People

because... people are the most important asset to any business and their experience at work needs to reflect that.

Malik Rehman Headshot

Malik Rehman

Software Test Engineer

because... I am Perfectionism, giving me the opportunity to apply skills to benefit the world, one step at a time.

Natalie Crofts Headshot

Natalie Crofts


because... I'm everyone's right hand man for administrative help or anything general no-one has time for, I love being needed!

Neil Osmond Headshot

Neil Osmond

Founder and Technologist

because... I am passionate about guiding people who want to create technology solutions, but don't know how, through a journey to success.

Oana Donose Headshot

Oana Donose

Junior Developer

because... I enjoy applying my skills to make a positive difference in the world.

Oli Amorowson Headshot

Oli Amorowson

Senior UX & Visual Designer

because… design is a bridge between technology and people.

Paige Nelson Headshot

Paige Nelson

Senior Project Manager

because... my passion is producing high quality outputs that increase end user engagement.

Rachel Shelley Headshot

Rachel Shelley

Senior Marketing Executive

because... the world needs to know what we're all about!

Richard Long Headshot

Richard Long

Director of Strategy & Communications

because... I’m passionate about making positive clinical practice change and giving patients critical information, effectively

Rob Giffin Headshot

Rob Giffin


because... software development has always been a passion of mine and a great way to express my creativity.

Sam Welsh Headshot

Sam Welsh

Associate Developer

because… I want to help create the next-generation of software that will have a positive impact.

Silvi Bertolissi Headshot

Silvi Bertolissi

Creative Director

because... creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.

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Introducing 'vitamin e',
the source of earthware goodness.

Find out more about our values

earthware HQ

Our hub is a converted barn in the Hertfordshire hamlet of Newnham. Surrounded by fields and with a duck pond on the doorstep it's an idyllic place to think, create and work. Drop in. Stay a while, help yourself to the kettle and our permanently stocked biscuit barrel.

Just a 40-minute train ride from London Kings Cross, it's also brilliant for meetings in the fresh air (or over the foosball table when it's raining).

Home comforts

We are an integrated team, whether at earthware HQ, at home, in a cafe or on the road. We embrace the agility of Teams and Zoom to keep in touch with our home workers.

Here, there, everywhere

Fancy spending the afternoon in a coffee shop to help you focus on writing web copy? No problem. Need to take a stroll in the park to clear your head and solve that coding conundrum? That’s what they did at Bletchley Park…

Fancy helping us solve real-world healthcare problems?

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