Dubai is so out of date on all the mapping solutions!

Dubai is undergoing what could be called some 'serious' development work in the last few years. They are building entire new islands in a variety of funky shapes for the mega rich to buy holiday homes on. A downside of this is that the geographical layout changes very quickly, too quickly is seems for any of the internet mapping tools to keep up.

I was disappointed when looking at Dubai for some client Google Earth work to see how out of date all the maps are. I expected them to be updated regularly just because of how amazing the Dubai developments are, but alas this is not the case. For example take a look at the Google Earth current coverage.

You can see the 2 new 'palm island' developments on the map, however since then they have built the 'World' and another palm. I've found a Google Earth overlay that shows the updated development, but the overlay is a bit rough. Here is a screenshot.

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