Free Charity Mapping Tool

With Microsoft Bing Maps’ latest Terms of Use which enable not for profit organisations to use Bing Maps free of charge, Earthware have been working with the Bing Team to develop a free mapping tool which enables not for profit organisations to create, customise and embed project or events maps into their website to display information about their projects/events in an interactive, visually engaging and location based format.

The tool allows the user to create as many maps as they wish, bulk upload events and project information and select exactly which projects or events to display on the map. The look and feel of the map can be customised to fit with the website it is to be embedded in as can the map size and map filters. Users can also add text information about the project/events, as well as upload photos (from their PC or Flickr) and videos (from YouTube or Vimeo) that are related to the project/event.

If you are interested in finding out more about the tool or what more information about using the tool please contact Earthware on or call 0845 642 9880.

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