Gadgets and Gizmos blogs about Pufferfish and the Eye of Sauron

Thanks to Richard Sharp at Gadgets and Gizmos who wrote a great blog article about us being at The Gadget Show Live.

He wrote …

“Neil from Earthware admitted that the ‘Eye’ is really just a party piece and not what the puffersphere was built for. It’s actually a high end advertising ‘orb’ used at tradeshows and events. Neil showed us another interesting use for the Puffersphere, a complete video of the earthquakes leading up until the fateful one that caused the Tsunami and beyond. Although watching the events on the sphere was a little eerie it does show the power this type of tech could bring to research and development and educational institutions.”

I hope Richard’s prediction of the future uses of the PufferSphere hold true – the future is bright, the future is spherical!


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