Our White Water adventure

All work and no play is boring right? That's why we like to get out of the office every now and then and have some fun. Our latest adventure was something we've been wanting to do for a while - White Water rafting!

So last week we headed over to Lee Valley and split into teams. We're a pretty competitive bunch when it comes to games and activities so nothing was off the table, we wanted to try everything!

After a few minor hiccups (such as Ed falling in the water before we even got on the raft) we were briefed and ready to go. We headed down the London 2012 Olympic course, stepping up our game on each run. Soon we were doing speed runs, wave surfing and getting very wet! We had an amazing time and the outcome was an exhausted team and some hilarious photos - enjoy!

White water rafting 1 White water rafting 4 White water rafting 2 White water rafting 7 White water rafting 6 White water rafting 8 White water rafting 3 White water rafting 5

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