Ready, steady.... Map!

The last few months have really felt like a race but at last we have made it, to the start line! Day jobs have now ended, endless paperwork has been completed, many sleepless nights experienced and lots of work has taken place into the wee hours of the morning but eventually our new baby Earthware has launched.

On our new website at we have put together some interactive mapping demos both as videos and Google Earth links, as well as lots of background information into why we started Earthware and what we are all about. The website will be constantly updated as we continue to develop our product offers over the coming months.

We have been working hard on business plans and marketing material and have struggled to find ways of summarising what we do in a few short words. I think my favourite so far is "We don't do gimmicks" as we firmly believe interactive mapping is so much more than the initial Wow factor and will actually become one of the most used methods of presenting data to everyday users.

Our mission over the coming year is to demonstrate to clients, and the internet community at large, that interactive mapping can be used to present all your products and services in a simple to use, customisable and exciting solution. Expect some exciting products to be announced in the next few months both in the property and travel sectors.

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