Travel Website Wins Daily Mail Website of the Week

The Technology Studio's first travel website, GoLearnTo, has just been awarded 'Website of the Week' by the Daily Mail. GoLearnTo provides a range of  learning holidays to suit any location or budget.

The journalist reviewing the site commented that the site provided, "Excellent search options and a reassuring level of detail". He followed this with, “If you’re looking for a holiday course with a learning element, this website is a time-saving godsend".

GoLearnTo invested time to work with The Technology Studio to design and plan the website before the final build. This commendation proves that the more time spent planning your website, the better this is reflected in the end result.

The Technology Studio have a strong background in travel websites and as such we are aware of the issues you may face as a travel provider and how these must be addressed in your website. Through careful planning and good project management, your website should also be one which consumers champion.

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