• 319 hours
  • 11354 lines of code
  • 25% under budget

We love it when we can make a difference to people's lives. That's why we worked together with MSD to help promote remote monitoring of patients. The aim was to create a site that was very different to the usual corporate medical branding and, as with all our sites, to give users the best possible experience.


Because we wanted to bring a relatively new concept into the market, improving the lives of patients and healthcare professionals.

Our solution

We created a responsive site that was clean, modern and designed with a consumer focus. It took users on a journey through what remote patient monitoring is, the benefits and how it can be adopted. Of course it also looked great, using animations and parallax effects to make the site visually engaging and user friendly.

How was the experience?

This was our first responsive, one-page site. We needed to develop something that looked and felt different from our traditional pharmaceutical business and that was original and innovative to reflect the new telehealth service. earthware did a great job achieving those goals.

Simon Hussain

Brand and Customer Manager, MSD.