Dow AgroSciences

  • 3 weeks
  • 3 VR scenes

We love innovation, so when we were approached by Dow AgroSciences about their ‘Innovation Beyond Expectation’ event we were instantly on board. With only 3 weeks’ notice, we set ourselves a challenge - to see what technological innovation we could bring to the event.


Because we wanted to inspire attendees to think innovatively and differently about how technology could bring product solutions to farmers and advisors that don’t always have the time to travel.

Our solution

How do you provide immersive training without leaving the farm? Virtual reality.

We know that ideas are developed on the ground, so we spent the day with a farmer. He spoke to us about the typical challenges of running an agricultural business and we spent the day capturing 360° video footage with a drone. This footage was then incorporated into a Google Cardboard app which we developed, tested and submitted to the app store, all within 3 weeks!

We presented the app as part of our keynote presentation at the event, giving those attending the chance to experience an immersive VR farming experience and providing a catalyst for innovative ideas. We were even featured in the local news!

How was the experience?

earthware’s experience made the process of developing our app flawless. They amazed us with how quickly they turned the project around, and they inspired our attendees with their presentation on the day

Elizabeth Hall

Marketing Communications Manager, Dow AgroSciences UK & Ireland

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