We’re cool with being known as brainy, nerdy, techies. Except those of us who are creative, arty, designers.

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You may be the kind of developer who codes at work then again at home for fun, or you may have other commitments that mean you can't do that. Either way you live to code not code to live, it's your passion not your job.

We don't like to pigeon-hole our team into specific role profiles and would rather build a role around the talented people we hire. So we are always open to talking with developers with a wide range of backgrounds and experience. Of course we have our favourites, and if you have web or mobile development experience in C#, JavaScript, Xamarin or Flutter that would be a great start.

You will be helping to find the right approach to client problems that keeps within their budget, whilst contributing to and maintaining the quality standards of our code.

Salary: Competitive


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