Orderlee is an app that helps patients plan and record their consultations with healthcare professionals.

Medical appointments can be confusing and stressful. Patients and their carers often don’t know what questions to ask and sometimes struggle to remember everything that was discussed. Orderlee provides reassurance that they haven’t missed anything important, helping them to focus on managing their condition.

Specific therapy areas can be sponsored by healthcare companies or other interested parties. Sponsors can input into the suggested questions for the therapy area and can white label Orderlee with their own branding.

Orderlee on an iPhone

My head is spinning, I have so many appointments and questions, I'm sure I'm going to forget something


Orderlee takes some of the stress out of appointments, allowing patients to:

Track medical appointments

Collate questions to ask their healthcare professional

Find suggested questions relevant to their diagnosis

Record medical appointments and bookmark questions

Replay recording and skip to bookmarked questions

Share information with family, friends, and carers


More confident, informed patients

More productive consultations

Reassurance for carers

Improved outcomes

I'm worried about my condition and want to share information with my family so they can support me

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