Should you use agile?

It’s important to consider when to use agile and when to use waterfall.

If your project is something you have done many times, there is a clear process, the outcome is specifically defined and there is little ‘value added’ thinking on the journey, use waterfall.

However, if your project has unknowns at the start, requires significant thinking on the journey and the exact inputs, outputs, outcomes and process may be understood at a high level but not at a detailed level, use agile.

If the project isn’t black and white, consider these simple questions and scoring system to help you decide.

Hey, we know agile!

We know agile really well. Not only do we manage our own projects using it, we help other organisations use it too. Whether you’re adopting it for the first time, or need a hand improving your existing practices, we offer a selection of consultancy services and workshops that will deliver real value for your business.

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  • How complex is the project?

  • How much creativity will be needed to arrive at the solution?

    No creativity
    Everything new
  • How well developed is the process from beginning to end of the project?

    Well defined
  • How many people will be involved in the project in a substantial capacity?

    1 person
    6+ people
  • How important is it to have customer input to deliver a successful outcome?

    Not important
  • How long do you expect the project to take to complete successfully?

    Less than one week
    Six months or more
We think you should probably use agile.
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