Mapping the Olympics

For a good example of how interactive maps can be used in sporting contexts see the Olympics map on the BBC sports website.

Get an aerial view of the sporting venues with an overlaid 3d image of the sites; search the map by sporting event or landmark you want to view; click on the icons to view the information pop-up and select to have blogs and twitters shown on the map giving up to date information on what is happening around the Olympic venues.

Although the information is embedded in the overlay rather than the map imagery which limits what you can see of the actual locations, the map gives a good overview of which events the venues are hosting, plus the blogs and twitters keep you up to date with each event and all from one web page.

This is the key point to interactive mapping: a highly visual environment allowing the user to research locations worldwide without ever needing to leave the map. This is the concept behind Earthware's interactive property mapping and travel mapping products.

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