• 1st user-led prevention plan
  • 551 plans in 10 months
  • 1534 plan reviews in 10 months

Suicide is the biggest killer of young people in the UK. PAPYRUS wanted to empower young people to be able to create their own confidential online care plans and be able to access them 24/7.


To help keep young people safe when they have thoughts of suicide.

Our solution

HOPELINEUK is a helpline service from PAPYRUS, providing practical advice and support to young people with thoughts of suicide. Due to the confidential nature of the service, advisers do not take any personal or contact details from the service user, making the provision of ongoing care difficult.

We developed a unique two-way online safety plan called Hopelink, which is simple to set-up and secure. Advisors simply provide the user with two randomly generated words so that they can access and update their own safety plan. It is the first service in suicide prevention which is led by the user – they can access it without an adviser. The two-way safety plan is entirely online, meaning it can be accessed 24/7.

How was the experience?

It has been such a privilege working with earthware to develop this innovative platform for advisers and service users alike. earthware have listened to our every need and young people now have this tool to empower them to keep themselves safe from acting on their thoughts of suicide.

Emma Fairhurst


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