Colonoscopy patient support

  • 1st UK pharma brand patient chatbot
  • Used by 20% of visitors
  • 827 questions in 6 months

12 million colonoscopies are performed across Europe annually. Norgine’s chatbot and reminder service helps patients understand the colonoscopy procedure and how to take their bowel preparation, assisting them with their preparation for the day.


Preparation for a colonoscopy can be complicated. If patients get it wrong, their colonoscopy may be cancelled or inconclusive. By helping them get it right, we might ultimately save lives.

Our solution

We created the first patient chatbot on a pharmaceutical brand website, “Ava” (Automated Virtual Assistant). Ava makes it easier and more convenient for colonoscopy patients to get answers to their questions, whenever they arise.

Bowel preparations have complex, precise dosing schedules, determined by the timing of the procedure. Reminding patients exactly what to do, when they need to do it is critical. We built a service that sends customised email or SMS reminders according to the patient’s unique colonoscopy schedule.

How was the experience?

After exploring different options with earthware, we felt a chatbot was the most effective way to provide the 24/7 support patients need. We hope that the patient support services earthware have built for us, might help to save lives.

Kym Jacks-Bryant

Head of Digital Centre of Excellence, Norgine

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