• 940 downloads in 3 months
  • Nearly 5000 sleep records in 3 months
  • 50% of users record weekly

When patients with sleep difficulties visit their HCP, they often find it challenging to communicate and quantify their sleep problems. We worked with Flynn Pharma to create SNappD, an app that tracks sleep behaviours over time and enables patients to share their data.


To help adults and children track sleeping problems and share with HCPs, allowing a more accurate diagnosis and a quicker path to treatment.

Our solution

SNappD is an intuitive sleep and nap diary app that allows adults and parents of children to record their sleep statistics and see the impact of poor sleep over time. Data is displayed in an engaging visual format and daily notifications are sent to encourage participation and empower patients to manage their own sleep health.

Previously HCPs could only track changes in patients sleeping patterns with a form that they would fill in based on the patient or parent’s memory. Now patients can export their data as a PDF and send to their friends, family, carer or HCP via email or message.

How was the experience?

I keep using earthware because they’re effective, efficient and able to provide me with a complete understanding of how they approach a project, why they do it that way and the benefits of doing it for me. They make the complicated simple and met any challenge thrown their way. I will recommend them highly.

James Cox

Senior Brand Manager, Flynn Pharma

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