Healthcare professional chatbot

  • 1st UK pharma brand chatbot
  • 1st UK pharma chatbot ads
  • Reduction in med info queries

Teva wanted to improve the customer experience of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) engaging with their brand. We created a chatbot to provide 24/7 support via a conversational user interface.


Providing answers to HCPs questions when and where they need them could improve patient care, helping Teva to be the most attentive, responsive and innovative company in their sector.

Our solution

Taking inspiration from the design of Teva’s inhaler, we created a distinctive robot avatar for the chatbot. Using natural language processing artificial intelligence (AI), we built a chatbot engine to answer user’s questions with pre-approved responses.

Unlike many pharmaceutical web-based solutions (which rely on users coming to their website), we took the chatbot to where the audience already resides, delivering another first in the UK pharmaceutical industry – a chatbot embedded in a banner advertisement!

Additionally, we’ve built a voice activated 5-foot model around our chatbot so it can converse with HCPs on the Teva exhibition stand!

How was the experience?

I’m so proud of what the team has achieved, not only because of the creative use of technology, but because it makes a real difference to HCPs and their patients.

Kim Innes

General Manager for UK and Ireland at Teva

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