SQM Meets Captain Birds Eye

SQM Meets Captain Birds Eye

“Captain Birds Eye” aka Georges Verdis, general manager of London Executive, is featured in the June edition of SQM magazine giving rave reviews to his “new toy” Property Bird, an implementation of our mapping solution for residential and commercial property.

We move past the slightly cheesy title to the article attempting to put the Property Bird experience into words:

“Wow, it’s amazing... Not only can you swoop down the streets from all angles, you can also make the search criteria bespoke for your requirements... these would include where the nearest Waitrose, farmers market and hairdressers with parking are situated... [and] all the practical stuff too such as council tax brackets, doctors surgeries, schooling even the days the bins are collected”. However, “due to the lack of space” the article concluded that all the other stuff “you’ll just have to search out for yourself”.

As Georges gives examples of what Property Bird can do, it becomes evident of his enthusiasm for it. But what’s the point, the article daringly asks: “It’s by far the most advanced mapping system for estate agents”, comes George's reply. “London Executive has a page rank of four on Google when you search for ‘London Property’ simply due to Property Bird’s click rate. The map page itself has a page rank of five. It would cost a fortune to pay for that kind of presence... In the last month, Property Bird certainly paid for itself”.

Read the full article to discover more about Property Bird and find out exactly why Georges is “a very satisfied customer” and to find out more about what Earthware’s mapping solutions can do for you and hear the stories of other satisfied customers contact info@earthware.co.uk or 08456429880.