Agile training for pharma

Using agile helps you turn your plans into reality and deliver your projects quicker and more efficiently. We know agile really well. Not only do we manage our own projects using it, we help other organisations use it too. Whether you’re adopting it for the first time, or need a hand improving your existing practices, we offer a variety of consultancy services and workshops that will deliver value for your healthcare business. We also love to speak about agile at events.

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Our agile workshops

Our exciting agile workshops introduce the principles of agile project delivery and how to apply them to the real world, enabling your team to deliver more effective, more efficient projects. We can also coach you through your first few sprints as you put your training into practice.

Our original 3-hour bespoke workshop takes attendees through a fun LEGO® task that enables them to put the agile principles into practice.

Virtual workshops

With many people working from home, we have moved our agile workshops onto a virtual platform, allowing participants to take part from anywhere in the world. Although we don't use LEGO®, we use technology to achieve a bespoke training experience that is just as interactive and engaging for participants.

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