Ordnance Survey OS OpenMap Mapbox Studio Style

screenshot Today we are releasing our Mapbox Studio style for the newly released Ordnance Survey OS OpenMap data. This is a complete style based on styles provided by the Ordnance Survey for other mapping tools and requires a specific Mapbox Studio data project / Data source and example of which is supplied with the style.

The style can be seen in this online demo and you can download all the files required to create your own hosted maps from our Git repo at https://bitbucket.org/earthware/osopenmap-mapbox-studio/ which also includes brief instructions for getting this working in your own copy of Mapbox Studio.

There are still plenty of improvements to be made especially around labels and zoom levels so we will be updating the style over the coming months and welcome contributions from others.

This style was created as part of our Video Tutorial Series on styling large datasets using Mapbox Studio and PostgreSQL.

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