Blood Pressure App

  • 9000 lines of code
  • 240 hours
  • 4 team members

Our client (a global pharmaceutical company) were launching a new medicine for a rare cardiovascular disease. The problem? It requires ongoing monitoring of a patient's blood pressure. To make life a lot easier for both the patients and their healthcare professionals, we developed an application that did just this.


Because patients wanted a reliable and easy way to monitor their blood pressure at home.

Our solution

Our app captures blood pressure readings from a blood pressure monitor and emails the results directly to the patient’s healthcare professional. It also allows the healthcare professional to set up a reminder schedule so the patient is prompted when they need to check their blood pressure. We love working in partnership with others, so for this app we partnered with Events4Healthcare who manage the logistics of the service. The app is pre-installed on an Android tablet that is given to patients with a blood pressure monitor when they are prescribed the drug.

How was the experience?

earthware were a vital part of developing the home monitoring pack. They provide innovative solutions but are also very responsive to our needs. This app has been really well received by our UK customers and the broader global organisation who use it as an example of best practice.

UK Business & Marketing Manager

Global Pharmaceutical Company.

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