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Augmented Reality

New possibilities

We love experimenting with new tech and one of the most exciting is Augmented Reality (AR). AR technology enables users to interact with computer generated objects that are overlaid within their real world environment.

AR opens up a world of possibilities for education, promotion and other communication challenges. earthware can create a wide range of AR solutions, from simple filters and lenses viewed through device cameras, to image tracking of physical objects, such as our new favourite toy – the Merge Cube.

Merge Cube

A Merge Cube is a 3D holographic device that allows users to hold and interact with it through AR technology on their iOS and Android devices. Each side can be transformed into a different piece of engaging content including images, animations and videos.

As well as the Merge Cube, earthware can use AR to bring to life your product packaging or other physical objects related to your brand.

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Merge cube

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