The easy, cost-effective way to take control of your healthcare chatbot

Chatboss® is a simple, easy to use online platform that allows you to manage all your earthware chatbots in one place.

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Benefits of Chatboss

Chatboss gives you total control of your healthcare chatbot. Save time, money and improve efficiency by publishing updates instantaneously anytime.

Choose Chatboss to:

Quickly add and edit questions and answers

Test and deploy updates to your chatbot quickly and easily

Comply with pharmaceutical regulations

Monitor chatbot performance in real time

Export screenshots for approval instantly

Review daily chat reports for PV

Integrate with Live Chat

Deliver local language versions

Orderlee on an iPhone

Chatbots have been transforming the consumer web experience for a while, using artificial intelligence (AI) to answer user’s questions quickly and effectively in a natural, conversational way.

We have particular expertise delivering award-winning chatbots for the healthcare sector, leading the way with the first pharmaceutical chatbots.

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Why chatbots will become commonplace in pharma by 2025

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Talk to us about Chatboss
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